Shepshed Swimming Club

SSC Awards

Welcome to the awards section of our website, were you can find out about all the awards that swimmers can achieve through out the year

Star Swimmer Award

The star Swimmer Award will given out after every gala to a swimmer who has stood out during that gala. Not necessarily in their swim but in other ways, for instance cheering, effort, enthusiasm and helping out stewards etc. The decision will be made by the coach, team manager, captains & stewards. Winners will be announced on the club news page as well as on the notice board poolside and the swimmer will receive a certificate the following week in training.

Star Points Scheme

Swimmers are able to gain points for a variety of things. At the end of each training phase we will award a winners & runners up prize, in the form of a gift card of their choosing.


Points are awarding as follows:

 1 Point

 per training session attended. (1.5 points for Blue & Green Squads)*

 2 Points

 per training session during the local schools holidays.*

 5 points

 per PB time achieved, either at a gala or a club time trials night.

  10 Points

 for a personal best in any Test Set Session.**

 * All attendance points will be awarded as of the session registers, all registers are taken at the start of each session. Swimmers arriving late may not gain points for that session.

** Test set times / distance must be better than a swimmers best score by a minimum of 1 Length or 1 Second to qualify as a personal best. All data will be taken from coaches records.

Points Reward dates:

Phase 1 of the training plan will run from our first session back in January until the last session before the Easter weekend

Phase 2 of the training plan will run from our first session back after the Easter weekend until the last session before the clubs 2 week summer break.

Phase 3 of the training plan will run from our first session back after the summer break until the last swim before the Christmas break.

All winners & Runners up will be announced as soon as possible after the end of each phase.

Please note that Shepshed Swimming Clubs committee have the final say on all rewards given out and may from time to time change the conditions of this scheme or the prizes. All decisions from the committee are final and binding and are made with the most accurate information available. Anyone wishing for more information on the scheme please contact the club secretary, details can be found on our website