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Team Managers Report - Diddy League Rd2 13th May

Posted on May 14, 2017 at 3:15 PM

Last night we came 4 out of 5 teams at the second Diddy Gala at Burton. The team did a great job, in a hot, cheery and well support event. You can really see that the swimmers are coming on Bethany Willingham’s diving and freestyle is almost unrecognisable from six months ago. Samuel Branson has come from almost nowhere to challenge top swimmers from much bigger clubs and Archie Bryan has improve significantly even in 6 weeks, and he wasn’t fazed by the false start in one of his races. You can really see the improvement in the swimmer’s performance in a short space of time.

The captains chose Natasha Jones as the star swimmer, she happily agreed to swim up an age group and cheerfully tried her best. She supported and cheered the team on and helped others…..just the kind of thing we need.

Alfie Fishers and Sam Hill were bedrocks in the team swimming more than six events each. There was a bit more pressure on the swimmers than usual as we had to juggle the team late in the day to cover for a couple of swimmers withdrawing due to sickness.

We welcomed Mille Lake and Jade Needham who had not swam for the club before, they did a great job despite being a bit nervous.

Thanks, again to the poolside team for helping to make it run smoothly. Special thanks to Liz Benham for stepping into the role of steward at very late notice.

The final gala is on 17 June, venue to be confirmed. The Team sheet will be will be issued during the week.

Thanks for your continued support.


Lawrence and Julie Robinson

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