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TEAM REPORT: Diddy Gala 1st April

Posted on April 5, 2017 at 6:05 PM

Team Report: Diddy Gala 1st April

Lawrence Robinson: Posted on 03 April 2017 21:09

At the first of three Diddy Galas we came 5th, quite some way behind the leading teams. That said it was a great night we had many swimmers swimming competitively for the first time. Although their inexperience showed it was a joy to witness their excitement and enthusiasm particularly after they had swam their first race. In every case they really gave it their all, and that is all you can ask. Team spirit was great and the support of the spectators buoyed the evening.

We did have a couple of sparkling moments. Molly cruised a first in the 11/u fly and the boys 9/u medley relay achieved a first…what a great start.

It's worth mentioning some of our new swimmers; Ryan who was so nervous to start with, but gave it everything he had. Morris, Alice, Charlotte and Emily for calmly getting on with it and Michael for his enthusiastic support. Constance made a real impact on backstroke and surprised a few of her competitors with a well earned … place

Amelia and Max have selected Sam Hill to be the star swimmer (certificate on its way) for an outstanding performance in support of the team and even swimming an extra race that i’d not planned for! Well done Sam and thanks for taking the load.

As usual I’d like to thank all the poolside staff and officials, who freely give their time, Julie and Simon who managed the team poolside did a fantastic job organising the swimmers, its was one of the hardest nights in all the time we’ve been doing it, due to the number of new competitive swimmers. I’d also like to thank thank the parents for giving up their Saturday night to bring their children to the gala and for responding quickly to my texts, it really helps in organising the team.

Next gala is on Saturday May 13th the team list is about to be be text out, it’s on the website and will be on the poolside board by Thursday. I have an appeal for volunteers to help manage the team poolside for the final gala in June.

Finally back to the main point of the night, we have had a positive start to the Diddy league and i know that with training ,we can only get stronger and better, and I look forward to the next gala.

Lawrence Robinson

Diddy Team Manager

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